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Tuesday 9 May 2023

What Are Aspects in EFT?

Aspects are the various details or pieces of an issue. I like to think of an orange. Yes, when you look at it you know it is an orange, but it is composed of parts. You have the peel, the sections, the seeds, and even those juicy little sacs inside the sections. Sometimes we can tap on a whole problem (the orange) and everything goes well. Sometimes we can tap on the whole problem (the orange) but then you find out that there is a part of the peel that is left to deal with. Sometimes you can tap on the part of the peel that is left and find out that there is just one of those juicy little components lurking underneath that has to be dealt with.

We have an amazing storage system within us. When you consider the incredible detail in which we remember events, facts, experiences, relationships, etc., it really is awe inspiring. Scientists tell us that the various details of an experience are not stored all together in a specific place in our brain. Everything about band camp isn’t in a file folder up there. The experience of band camp is stored throughout our brains and throughout our bodies. Because of that, the various aspects often need to be addressed separately if their storage has somehow shielded them from the original tapping sequence.

Because I believe that this is such an important part of success with EFT, I want to try one more metaphor to really make aspects clear. They aren’t bad. They aren’t good. They just are. Lets imagine that you are cooking. You have decided to make lasagna. In order to make that lasagna you are probably going to have to get your cooking utensils, measuring cups and spoons, dairy products, sauce ingredients, spices, and dry goods all from different places within your kitchen. If you only open the refrigerator, you won’t have a pan to bake it in – therefore, no lasagna. If you only open the spice cupboard and take out the garlic, you won’t have any cheese – and no lasagna. To get everything you need to have a perfectly yummy and satisfying lasagna, you have to go to all of the places where the lasagna parts are stored. The same thing is true for us as human beings. We may have to tap on many different parts in order to get the results we desire.

Source by Leanna Manuel

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